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Lindsey Nelson

     Nationally-known sportscaster, Lindsey Nelson, was born in Columbia, TN (SEE BELOW) on 25 May 1919, graduating from Central High School in 1938. His college Alma Mater was University of Tennessee in Knoxville. In 1941, after the outbreak of World War II, Nelson was inducted into the US Army at Camp Forrest in Tullahoma, TN and from there reported to the 9th Infantry Division at Ft. Bragg, NC. He served with this unit almost five years on three continents.

     While at Ft. Bragg, Nelson was Public Relations officer, escorting many high-ranking civilian and political figures; among them were Generals George Marshall and George S. Patton, and Lord Louis Mountbatten of Britain. In Sicily, Nelson became friends with war coespondents Ernie Pyle and Tom Henry, both of whom influenced his career. At the end of the war, after serving from Morocco to Sicily to Remagen Bridge to Berlin, Nelson came back home to the peace and tranquil city of Columbia, his hometown. 

     Elected to the Writers' Wing of the Hall of Fame in 1988, Nelson had been an all-purpose broadcaster for NBC's college football, NBA basketball and Major League baseball. He was top announcer for 19 seasons for the New York Mets, working with Ralph Kiner and Bob Murphy. His trademark became the rightly-colored plaid sportscoat that he always wore. It seemed to fit his easy manner and energetic personality. In 1965, he broadcasted the Mets-Astros game from a gondola suspended from the roof of the Astrodome. 

     From 1967-1979, Nelson broadcasted Notre Dame football games. He worked for both CBS and NBC and was elected Sportscaster of the Year four times during 1959-1962. For 26 seasons, Nelson was the "Voice of the Cotton Bowl." He announced for the San Francisco Giants from 1979-1981. Following this, he taught broadcasting seminars at the University of Tennessee. In 1991, Nelson received a Life Achievement Emmy. 

     After a successful and star-studded life, Lindsey Nelson died on 10 June 1995, at age 76, in Atlanta, GA from complications of Parkinson's disease and pneumonia. 

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Actually, Lindsey Nelson was born in Campbellsville, Tennessee and lived there until he was about 4 years old. His grandmother, Mrs. Florence Baker lived in Campbellsville many, many years in her home located on High Street. His sister, Mrs. Mary Sue Nelson Pennington lives in Columbia and I spoke with her a few days ago (Jan., 2001). She said that she was also born at Campbellsville and attended the old school near the Presbyterian Church site.

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