Vol. 1, No. 1        Campbellsville High School Alumni Newsletter         December 2005

Another Success

    Despite an almost last-minute glitch, Reunion 2005 was another big success with about 200 attending. 
    Due to an asbestos removal project in progress at Richland High School, the reunion was moved just down the road to Richland Elementary. 
    Thanks to John Foster (Class of 1966), principal of Richland Elementary, his wife, Sharon Higgins Foster (Class of 1972), and Ms. Bobbi McMasters, principal of the high school, for getting the tables and chairs moved from the high school and set up in the elementary school cafeteria.
    Among the many in attendance, several members of the Class of 1955 came together to renew friendships, swap stories of school days, and talk about where the short fifty years had gone since Eisenhower was president, Cokes were a nickel, and a gallon of gas wasn’t much more than that, and to remember the day that, armed with a diploma from Campbellsville High School, they walked away to make their mark on the world.

Dear CHS Friends,
       Several months ago, George Russell asked me if I would consider taking charge of our annual CHS reunion that many of us ol’ Bears have come to expect each year.  He explained that he felt he would not have the time to properly devote to it since he and Ann were planning to possibly move to Arkansas to be near their daughter, Angie, who was about to present them with their first grandchild—actually, their first THREE grandchildren!  Yes, all at the same time!!!  It is next to impossible for me to imagine such a blessing.  I probably would not have even remembered the upcoming reunion.  But, George did.  And, as usual, he did a great job in setting it up and bringing us together again.
       Knowing that taking care of the reunion for the past several years had been a labor of love for George, I really hated to see him give it up.  And, I always did  enjoy  watching someone else work more than I enjoyed  working myself.  But, after talking at length with him about it, I decided that  it  was not only something that I should do, but something that I wanted to do.  So, I agreed.  And here I am, already looking forward to CHS Reunion 2006.  Hope you are, too.
       In addition to his work with the reunion, George has also set up a Campbellsville website with a CHS link.  He has plans for the addition of several features that will be of interest to all of us.  If you haven’t yet checked out the site, you should.  Drop by often and let George know what you think.  He is always interested in getting pictures, stories, yarns and other bits and pieces of interest about Campbellsville and CHS to include on the website.  So, why not dust off those old cigar boxes of pictures, clippings, and letters that you have stashed in the attic, and look through your old photo albums, too.  All of us probably have something of interest that one day will be lost or thrown away with nobody knowing what or who is pictured or mentioned.
       It seems to me that George, with the help and encouragement of many of you, has laid the foundation and built much of the framework for a Campbellsville High School alumni organization. Personally, I would like to see such an organization officially formed to strengthen the tie that binds those of us together who look back fondly on the days we played and the friendships we made at Campbellsville.
       In addition to the annual reunion, the nucleus around which the organization should revolve, the website which will provide much interesting and helpful information perhaps enabling us to maintain or establish contact with old friends, I would also like to see a newsletter similar to this one published perhaps twice yearly.  Also, possibly a memorabilia collection, including yearbooks, to be displayed at the reunions 
and/or placed at a suitable location for permanent display.  Other projects to benefit the community, local schools or students are certainly possible as well.
       There are many possibilities—but, probabilities?  Well, that’s where you come in.  If there is little or no interest, then little or nothing can be done.  However, with a reasonable amount of interest (and work), we can accomplish something that all of us will be proud of.  Many of you probably will not have the time or the interest to devote to such an undertaking.  But, if you are interested or have questions or comments (negative or positive), please let me hear from you.  If there is enough interest, a planning meeting will be scheduled in the spring, probably in April or May, for those who can attend.  If you would like to attend such a meeting but, if there are specific times, days, or dates that you CANNOT attend, please advise.  I will schedule so that as many as possible can be there.
       May God bless you with peace and joy this holiday season.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
       Looking forward to hearing from you,

Maurice E. Woodard
Class of 1960
(931) 363-8774

George and the Grandchildren!

     By George (actually on both sides of George and in front of George), here they are—the three little bundles of joy.  From left to right are Mackenzie Taylor, Samuel Russell, and Reagan Elizabeth Smith.  Born April 29, 2005, they weighed 4 lbs., oz.; 3 lbs., 12 oz.; and 2 lbs., 7 oz., respectively. 
     After  relatively short hospital stays in Memphis, proud parents, Angie and Mike Smith, were able to 
take the little ones home to Wynne, Arkansas.   Of course this is where George and Ann hang out most of the time now. 
     At this writing, everyone is doing fine with the triplets weighing about 13 lbs. each.  Look closely and you will see an extra pair of hands that George appears to have grown at the waist.  He always was good at adapting to the situation.  Now, if George can just teach these three to cry in harmony, he will have a great trio to soothe his sometimes jangled nerves.  Best wishes to the Smiths and Russells! 


V            In Memory           V

 Margie Dunnavant Doggett  (Class of 1961) passed away November 22, 2005.  She was a retired teacher’s assistant with the Giles County Public School System.  Survivors include her husband, two children, two grandchildren, three sisters, one brother, and several nieces and nephews.

Campbellsville School and Students About 1915

        Only  three of the students in this old photo have been identified.  Waters Smith, father of Bobby Smith (Class of ’53), is the tallest boy in the top row, wearing overalls; Horace Woodard, uncle of Malloy Woodard (Class of ’53) and Maurice E. Woodard (Class of ’60), is second from right, second row up, standing with arms crossed, wearing overalls, white shirt and tie; and Russell E. Woodard, father of Malloy and Maurice E., is near the center of second row up, kneeling with hands on shoulders of boys in front of him. He is also wearing overalls, white shirt, and tie.  In addition to the students, there appears to be at least two older men near the center of the photo who are probably teachers.  The school stood near the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  If you can provide more information about the people and the school, please do so. Thanks to Bobby Smith and Malloy Woodard for providing this picture and information.

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