Campbellsville High School

Salutatorian Speech
Campbellsville High School
April 19, 1938
Mattie Lou Wells

        Ladies and Gentlemen, Teachers and Classmates,
        In the behalf of my teachers and classmates, I as Salutatorian, heartily welcome you here tonight to witness the last night of our high school days.  They have been bright and golden days around which we will ever linger the fondest memories, and of which we can only think with but a tear of regret that they have passed so soon.
        Last year we sat as guests of our departing sister class.  This year we occupy their place on the stage.  In a short while we shall go out and be numbered among the graduates of Campbellsville High School.  This is an occasion that each one of us has looked forward, it is of much importance, whether it is more important than a social function rests with each individual. We may continue our work of improvement or we may just hold our hands and lose everything that we have gained.  We may not prove ourselves to be a Lincoln or a Lee, but we can prove ourselves to be men and women true to an honest purpose in life.

        The diplomas, which we will be awarded us this evening, may be evidence of our achievement but question that each of us must consider is:  Shall we drift along and through enaction lose everything that we have gained or shall we utilize them?
        What we have done is the result of constant stimulation by our teachers. They have fulfilled their obligations.  They have always been ready to offer a helping hand.  So who will come to us now in a time of doubt or indecision?  All will be loyal to us this evening.  All will listen to what we have to say, but today is not tomorrow.
        Life to us this evening is like a closed book.  We hold the key that unlocks that book.  The world little cares whether it is unlocked or not and until we reveal the secret that is on inside little will ever be known.
        No one can make our future for us we must make it for ourselves.  All of the promises of tonight will be realized if we light that divine spark within us, which God gave us.  So we must push onward and upward and face life’s many difficulties.  So
        Friends, Parents, Teachers, the Senior Class of 1938 extends to you a hearty welcome and a cordial greeting to witness the laying of last stone along the journey of high School.

~ - ~


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